Friday, 14 December 2012



It is snowing outside and today I wore this but with dark black leggings cause it is  like -10 outside and I would be crazy to go out like this.
 This leather skirt it is so easy to combine! I also got a lot of positive feedback about my silver sneakers. I love them too but my husband thinks that they are ugly but if we think a little bit bether we also know that men just like high heels and tight things on women so I`m not worried about my sense of style:)



Minela Jusufovic said...

Da ponovim da si predivna i TI i kombinacija <3

Denisa said...

Very nice style. Have a great friday,

Viking mode said...

Don't listen to your husband :P, those shoes are really amazingly cool!


Anonymous said...

Ehej, hvala ti na komentaru! Naravno, gfc i bloglovin, evo od ovog momenta :-)

Caro * said...

Very nice style, your jacket is very cute :)

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