Tuesday, 20 November 2012



I just showed you a piece of my new leopard jacket, now it is time for you to see it in a much cooler way! When we took those pics on Sunday I had to have a jacket to go out in a case you were wondering why am I wearing a blouse at the end of November in Norway!

I remember that I wanted a leo jacked ever since I saw Angelina wearing it ! I now found this beauty and I alsolutely love it!

What do u think?

Love you all my beautiful readers!

I like Alexas more now!


Sandra said...

uh divna je bundica...a ti tako lijepa,,,:**

kcomekarolina said...

wow! i love it!

xoxo from rome

Nađa Kapetanović said...

prelijepa si :)

EMILLANA said...

Thanks girls!

dimitri said...

Très jolie cette veste et j'aime aussi le reste de la tenue.

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