Tuesday, 9 October 2012



I just don`t know what to do with my hair cause I`m not a kind of person who likes big changes so I just let my roots grow dark. I think it will not last to long. I planed to colour my hair this week-end.
Do u have any suggestions on what could I do with my hair cause I need a little bit of change!

This is what I have been having for like 6 years now!



Kristina said...

I LOVE your hair. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. ;)

Anonymous said...

Brown eyes And blond coloured hair:( go for something else.Something more natural you,Been there done that;)

Borjana said...

Tako sam ja razmisljala,pa se osisala na kratko;-)

Anonymous said...

love your hair and blog :D <3


Cassandra Too said...

I think your hair look beautiful like that. If you want to change, go something really extreme would be fun to see! :D

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