Saturday, 18 August 2012



I have been a little bit absent due to the nice weather and my little kids so I hope u don`t mind it. I took some outfit pics of myself and my sister in law meanwhile.We have been hanging out a little bit these days so it was really fun to take outfit pics of both of us.

I just had to wear the ZARA skirt again cause in 20 days we will be in jackets and in boots here in Norway.

Love ya.

jacket H&M, watch Triwa, necklace BIK BOK

                                                                           shoes Din Sko

                                       jacket Vila, shorts Gina Tricot, sneakers ROOTS


Midheta Agic said...

Krasne ste ! Posebno mi se svidjaju ove neon cipelice, predivne su !


Amina said...

Hvala puno na komentaru, divan blog, pratim! =D <3

Anonymous said...

Super je ova čipkana suknja

Lejla said...

Cipele..želim te cipele!!!

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