Tuesday, 21 August 2012



Take a look at some of my cakes that I made during the last year. I just came to an idea to make this post while I was baking a cake with my cute little girl today. She just adores cakes and since she is almost 3 years now and she gets things more and more, it is always a pleasure to do things with her.

Do you have kids? What kind of activities you try to do with them?

                                I made this cake today with my little girl who decorated it


Justyna said...

wow :D sweets! you are so pretty!:D
maybe we can follow eatch other? http://amazing-beauty-case.blogspot.com/

nancy @ adore to adorn said...

These treats look lovely! Gosh, 3 years old! What a fun age...and lots of questions with their inquisitive minds! =) So precious!

Midheta Agic said...

Aaaa, prekrasni su ! Izgledaju preukusni :)


Anonymous said...

DivnoOOO! PreeeSvidja mi se taj stalak za tortu...:-)
Ps. Imamo isti svijecnjak!:D. @djurdjina5>instagram <3

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