Friday, 10 August 2012



Are you excited to read about mu make-up base?
Hahahha just a joke, you don`t have to be it,you can just read it if u find it usefull.
At first it is really important to hidrate your face by using a mask and after that a cream. Try to do it at least ten minutes before u put your make-up. I think that hidratation is the key to a great base.

After that you can use a primer, I was telling u about my MAKE-UP STORE primer, but u can use also the LOREAL one, which I think is great too.
I use the CHANEL foudation which I think is the best on the marked cause it makes the skin look so flawless and plus it smells wonderful. This one has not exactly the colour that I usually use, so I mix it with a lighter one so I can get the perfect colour. Then comes the sun powder and GUERLAIN has the best ones named TERRACOTTA. They are absolutely faboulous because they don`t leave marks on the face. After that I put a lotttt of concelear and my choice is YSL. After long experience with numerous concelears, I can say that this one is supreme.
At the and I put some pink blush, I use BOURJOIS. They are great!

I hope you can come with some make-up advices cause it is bether to hear the real people experiences.



Mia i Edina said...

Imaš savršeno lice! Prelijepa si :)

Mia :*


Stvarno si prelijepa!


Ilvana Alikadic Deljkic said...

just lovely <3

Lejla said...

Hoće li biti previše ako i ja napišem da si prelijepa? :P

EMILLANA said...

Hvala vam cure moje bas ste divne!

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