Friday, 20 July 2012



As I promised here comes my little hair care tutorial.
The products that I use for the moment are from Keune and are specially made for coloured and dry hair. I think that you can find these products at your hairdresser and I would recommend the yellow Keune shampoo if you have some problems with a dry scalp and dry hair. It solves the problems immediately.
I also think that if you want to have a nice hair you need to invest in a good hair dryer with extension so you can style your hair in a best way. Of course you need to use a hair mask for some protection and finally the Keune serum for some shine.

If you are wondering about my hair colour it`s also from Keune, no 9, but I don`t know if you willl get the same result cause it depends on the haircolour that you have.

All I can say is that I have tried so many hair products but I think that Keune has the best ones so far.

Voilà, hope you like it.


 My fringe styled by myself:

                                                         My fringe styled by my hairdresser:


blackberryfashion said...

I adore your hair :) Thank you so much for your lovely comment :)

Anha Senet said...

Love your hair! :)

Borjana said...

Well,that's the reason your hair looks amazing;)

maja said...

Prelepo izgledas i kosa ti je divna? Koji karmin ti je na ovim slikama?

EMILLANA said...

Hej hej majo, ovo je 206 rozi od rimmela, ja dodam na njega svijetli karmin boje koze tako da dobiem ovu boju.

maja said...

Thx , again! Potrazit cu sutra taj rimmel!

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