Wednesday, 16 May 2012



This Monday I was on Backstreet boys and New kids on the block concert in Oslo. I t was so great to see my teenage idols and go back in time when I used to have their posters on my wall that I admired everyday:) It was so funny to see those guys dance like they were 17, when some of them are 40 and something and that`s great because they are all in good shape which suprised me. It was also very funny to watch Nick Carter who was making a fool all the time. I came more for BSB but I was suprised how great NKOTB were. They are classy and they really have nice voices so this concert was a succes. I think that all the women out there liked it and some guys of course.
These Americans know how to make a show, it`s in their blood.

Did you like BSB and NKOTB when you were small?

Sorry the bad quality of the pics... it`s from a phone

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